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Design Strategy – (004): As-Builts



As we all know, As-Built plans are a vital and essential part of our design industry. To reduce the cost of building design and construction, it helps to have well drawn-out and analyzed Architectural and Structural As-Built plans.


Architects analyze a building in a designer’s perspective.  They get a good architectural As-Built plan of the existing building, but they generally overlook the structural components necessary for the structural design of the building.


Therefore, we suggest:

1.       Architects when hiring structural engineers, ask them to include in their fees, either a job site visit, or to obtain partial As-Built plans along with a photographic survey of the structural components, as much as possible.

2.       Structural engineers could also be hired just to provide full structural As-Built plans to help drive the design charrette stage of the job and the final architectural and structural drawings.

3.       Not knowing existing conditions and/or lack of information in the As-Built plans can trigger the engineer to overdesign.

4.       By knowing the existing structural component, architects and engineers may modify their design approach to implement and integrate the existing structural components such as; use of existing pads and continues footings, basement walls, posts and girders. By doing so, the cost and time of design and construction is greatly reduced.                                 

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